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Left to Right in Photo: Brian Jund, President, National Benefit Partners; Sandy Tarpley, Sr. Vice President, National Benefit Partners; Michael Parks, Managing Director Financial Services, Higginbotham; Scott Shapard, Executive Vice President Employee Benefits and Worksite Benefits, Higginbotham; and Amy Yokeley, Account Manager, Higginbotham.

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Ft Worth, Texas − National Benefit Partners (NBP), a national voluntary benefits marketing organization, is pleased to announce Higginbotham, with headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, has joined the select agencies marketing Benefits That Benefit Children (BTBC).  BTBC is a unique program that allows employer groups to create a passive donation to support children’s health simply by offering select voluntary benefit products.

Higginbotham ranks among the largest Independent brokers in the nation with offices across Texas and in Oklahoma City serving the South-Central US. The donations initiated by Higginbotham will support Cook Children’s Health, Fort Worth, TX; Children’s Health, Dallas, TX and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. NBP is pleased to welcome Higginbotham as a Benefits That Benefit Children distributor and join in supporting the needs of children in Texas and beyond.

For more information, contact Marcia Ellis at National Benefit Partners at 714-255-0280.


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National Benefit Partners (NBP) is an independent marketing organization for voluntary employee benefits and worksite insurance programs. NBP works with its member insurance brokers and consultants (NBP’s Allied Distributors), serving them as a single point of contact for select insurance carriers. NBP also develops best-in-class insurance products and supports its Allied Distributors with underwriting, administration and consolidated billing services.