UNC Children's Hospital

UNC Children’s promotes the health of all children through an all-inclusive, equitable culture through compassionate family-centered care, tireless advocacy, scientific discovery and education of future leaders.

As a top-tier academic medical center, we are dedicated to providing care for all children in North Carolina regardless of socio-economic status, background, or language preference. We serve children from all 100 counties in North Carolina and children worldwide who travel to UNC Children’s for specialty care. Our vision is to transform care and inspire hope for all children. To do that, we serve all children in North Carolina with outpatient subspecialty services available in more than two dozen clinics throughout the state and continue to expand. Recently UNC Children’s opened the state’s first Children’s Research Institute to find better therapies, treatments, and hopeful cures for childhood illnesses. We strive for expertise and empathy in all that we do! To find out more visit www.uncchildrens.org


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