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Pictured left to right: Dvorah Waldman – City of Hope; Carlos Mendez – Voluntary Benefit Advisors; Marcia Ellis – National Benefit Partners; Jay Torres – National Benefit Partners; Rick Granados – CBIZ Benefits & Insurance Services; April Martinez – Realty Center Management, Inc.; Deanna Duran – Realty Center Management, Inc.; Tyler Block – Voluntary Benefit Advisors; Summer Block – Voluntary Benefit Advisors; Jennifer Karsting – Voluntary Benefit Advisors

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JULY 15, 2018

DUARTE, CA − As a result of Realty Center Management, Inc. willingness to increase cancer awareness among its workforce and support Benefits That Benefits Children’s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative, on June 28, 2018, Benefits That Benefit Children presented the City of Hope Children’s Hospital Foundation with a check for $3,130 to benefit the kids and families served by City of Hope Hospital. Benefits That Benefit Children raises funds through Los Angeles California employers who choose to offer certain voluntary benefits to their employees. Funds for City of Hope Children’s Hospital were raised by Benefits That Benefit Children and its partners, CBIZ Benefits & Insurance Services and Voluntary Benefit Advisors, through employee interest in the Chubb plans sponsored by Realty Center Management, Inc.


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 About Benefits That Benefit Children (BTBC)

Benefits That Benefit Children (BTBC) was created by National Benefit Partners; an independent marketing organization for voluntary employee benefits. BTBC is a cause marketing campaign which provides donations to select children’s hospitals. Through the offering of best-in-class voluntary employee benefit products and services, NBP and our partners raise awareness of the special financial needs of children’s hospitals and provide significant donations. All of NBP’s Benefits That Benefit Children products and Services are designed for the cause marketing program and all are offered with preferred underwriting, pricing, and benefit design.