Enhanced Benefits to Meet the Needs of Your Employees

HHAU offers our members the following supplemental voluntary benefit programs through our Community Partners, National Benefit Partners. We also invite you to participate in a unique opportunity that benefits your organization, your employees and Primary Children’s Hospital.

When your organization participates in a free “value of benefits conversation”, Primary Children’s Hospital will receive a $10 donation per participant from Chubb Workplace Benefits, whether or not your employees decide to enroll in one of the programs. The non-insurance vendors create a per month donation when one of their products is purchased. Learn More About the Benefits That Benefit Children program at the bottom of this page. 

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ReDirect Health

ReDirect Health is focusing on changing the healthcare system to give you and your employees the quality care they need at an affordable price point. The Redirect Health system is simple, their philosophy is to get everyone the treatment that a doctor would get for themselves and their family members. Employees need to contact ReDirect Health to get one on one help with a doctor who will help set them up with any appointments, prescriptions, or anything else they need.

Chubb Workplace Benefits


Why workplace benefits from Chubb?


With Chubb you are never alone.  We are committed to work with you to create superior solutions. We are committed to go above and beyond expectations to bring service excellence.  With Chubb as your partner, you can deliver customized benefit programs for your employees, and do so with upmost confidence.  Expect innovative, flexible and competitive solutions help you create the custom benefit programs your employees deserve.


Accidents can happen to anyone, at any time. No one knows Accident insurance like Chubb.  We’ve been delivering accident benefits for more than 90 years.  Our innovative Sports Package has captured market attention.

Critical Illness

Chubb has redesigned Critical Illness by adding ongoing financial benefits and advocacy.  In addition, our Mortgage and Rent Helper protects employees from having to choose between their health and home.

High Deductible Buffer

Chubb helps take the fear and risk out of high deductible medical plans.  No one plans on maxing their deductible in a few days, but a hospitalization can do just that.  Chubb’s innovative compressed benefit period pays employees who are hospitalized so they can afford their deductible.

LifeTime Benefit Term

Affordable term life insurance that lasts a lifetime and includes long term care benefits. Innovation that pays more-guaranteed.  Protecting employees and their families for a lifetime.

Benefits That Benefit Children Donation Amount= Chubb will donation $10 upon active review of the Chubb benefit products.

No purchase is necessary.

Cancer Guardian

Cancer Guardian is a, comprehensive cancer support program that solves the problem of awareness, access, and affordability to genetic testing and services, that are not typically covered by health insurance, that can enhance prevention and survival.

  • The program is comprised of benefits that are made available immediately following the effective date that can help employees and their family members identify if they have an elevated genetic risk for certain cancers, as well as access to board-certified genetic counselors who can educate the member on how they can proactively manage that risk, in partnership with their physician.
  • If a covered member is ever diagnosed with cancer, Cancer Guardian will provide access to Advanced DNA Testing of the Cancer, Dedicated Support Services via Oncology Trained Nurses and Technology that can help enhance survival.


Benefits That Benefit Children Donation Amount= $1 per member per month


Identity Guard – Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft protection is becoming the number one voluntary employee benefit*, and how Identity Guard can help secure the future for your employees and organization. Find out more about why Identity Guard offers the best protection in the industry, and how it can give you the competitive advantage needed to attract the very best talent.

Benefits That Benefit Children Donation Amount= $1 per member per month


Reliance Standard

Reliance Standard Life Insurance Company is a leading provider of financial protection, absence management and supplemental health benefits solutions, driven by technology and an integrated customer experience. Rated A++ (Superior) by A.M. Best and A+ (Strong) by Standard & Poor’s, Reliance Standard was founded in 1907.

Short Term Disability

  • Benefits up to 60% of salary
  • Available in flat dollar amount percentage of salary, or increments
  • Maximum short term benefits up to $1,250 per week
  • Elimination periods of 7, 14, 30

Long Term Disability

  • Benefits up to 60% of salary
  • Available in flat dollar amount percentage of salary, or increments
  • Maximum short term benefits up to $1,250 per week
  • Elimination periods of 90 or 180 days

Group Term Life and AD&D

The Reliance Standard Voluntary Group Term Life and AD&D plan offers employees an excellent opportunity to purchase Term Life Insurance for self, spouse, and children on a payroll deduction basis. AD&D coverage is a convenient, affordable measure of protection you can give employees and their families against the very aspects of life no one wants to think about, let alone plan for.

Supplementary Benefits

Reliance Standard offers Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity Insurance to employees to protect them against out-of-pocket costs that their medical plans leave them with. These options can be offered completely voluntary or on a contributory basis.

Legal Access – Legal Insurance

LegalGUARD can ease the biggest stresses – finding and paying for the right lawyer

LegalGUARD is an insurance plan that provides support and protection from unexpected personal legal issues.

What Employees get with a LegalGUARD plan:

  • An attorney with expertise specific to their personal legal matter
  • Access to a national network of attorneys with exceptional experience that are matched to meet your employees’ needs
  • In- and out-of-network coverages
  • Concierge help navigating common individual or family legal issues

The value of a LegalGUARD Plan:

Being a LegalGUARD member saves costly legal fees and provides coverage for:

  • Home and Residential
  • Financial and Consumer
  • Estate Planning and Wills
  • Auto and Traffic
  • Family including Divorce and Custody
  • General Legal

Benefits That Benefit Children Donation Amount= $1 per member per month


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